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Himalayan salt lamps

Nicole Carman
himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps have grown in popularity within the last few years. After having my salt lamp for a while now, I’ve found that its presence has an extremely positive effect on my overall mood.

While I can’t claim that it has any actual medical benefits, I would absolutely recommend a salt lamp to anyone who asks.

Many people claim to receive various and tangible medical benefits, like improvements with their sinus or asthma ailments, their sleep, or their energy levels.

I’ve put together a list of the top six benefits that most people claim you will experience while owning a salt lamp. Regardless of these actual medical benefits, you can’t underestimate the overall effects of its presence in the room.

“Helps the overall feeling of a room”

I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Himalayan salt lamps are actually quite beautiful to look at. Their dim, orange glow gives whatever room it’s in a nice cozy feel, similar to that of a candle. While it doesn’t flicker like a candle would, they are extremely soothing to look at.

It can be used as a great light source if you’d like a possible alternative for a lamp, or if you seek something that would set a nice, warm mood into a room. Sometimes my husband and I will stay in when we have a date night and we like to use our salt lamp to add warmth and a nice ambiance to the room.

You may be curious about “plug in” time and if it’s okay or safe to keep it on for long periods of time, whether that be to use it at their work space or use it as a nightlight at home.

A salt lamp is comprised of a simple power cord and a bulb, so it is much like a regular lamp. With extended use, you will naturally go through light bulbs faster, but it’s worth it if you use it in the room(s) you’re in the most. I do recommend flicking the switch off if you aren’t in the room, though.


“Helps cleanse and purify the air”

In most of the articles I’ve read, Himalayan salt lamps are stated to be hygroscopic, which means that they absorb water from the air around them.

They also go on to state that the common annoyances and allergens found within a home or work space, such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants, are all contained in little water molecules that move within and around our environment.

They describe salt lamps as beneficial because they draw in those allergen-infused water molecules and trap the the contaminate(s).

“Helps reduce allergy and asthma symptoms”

It is a claim that Himalayan salt lamps help ease common allergy and asthma symptoms. This point is similar to my previous point about air purification, but I figured I would touch on this as well.

As it is said that salt lamps draw in allergen-infused water molecules in the air. As a long-time allergy sufferer (dust, pollen, mold, mildew) who has to take two different forms of medication on a daily basis to maintain my allergy symptoms, I was eager to see if my salt lamp would help with my ailments.

I haven’t noticed any noteworthy results as it pertains to my allergies, but I am also regularly exposed to my allergens (the grass and trees outside of our home) and therefore cannot provide you with an accurate statement in regard to this.

“Helps improve our mental health”

There is a lot of research out there regarding positive and negative ions.

To give you the basic run-down, it is said that Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, which help balance the many positive ions that emit from our electronic devices. This, in turn, supposedly helps alleviate stress and depression and may also have an impact on our serotonin levels.

I’ve read through numerous articles and a few studies, none of which can actually state that salt lamps do or don’t help improve the levels of positive and negative ions.

Back in 2013, the National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study that was done with negative ions, and there were no groundbreaking results. They didn’t use a salt lamp in this specific test, but it’s still a credible source that has results worth noting.

On the other hand, though, there are other sources out there who swear by the potential healing capabilities of salt rooms and spas.

I don’t have a strong opinion on this particular claim. Yes, there have been studies done on positive and negative ions, and yes, there are known health benefits of salt therapy, but I don’t think that the ionic benefit from a salt lamp is great enough to be incredibly noticeable.

Do I think that there are actual health benefits to salt lamps? Yes, but I can’t speak to whether or not the results are significant enough for us to notice. I would highly recommend a salt lamp if you want to utilize any ionic properties it has in conjunction with other environment improvement techniques.

“Helps increase energy levels”

This claim is another one that has to do with a Himalayan salt lamp’s ionic properties and how it emits negative ions and combats against the many positive ones that we’re bombarded with on a regular basis — mainly the ones from our electronic devices.

I haven’t noticed any particular improvements in this area, but it does have a very positive effect on my mood which, in turn, has been known to improve my overall energy levels.

“Helps promote better sleep”

The dim, calming glow from the lamp may be enough to benefit some people around bedtime.

You may choose to use your salt lamp just before bedtime, or you may prefer to use it as a night light. Either way, the calming effect that it has on the room is definitely worth noting.


I absolutely love our Himalayan salt lamps, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to improve your overall mood in your home or work space.

I love its appearance when it’s both on and off, and the orange glow that it emits is extremely calming to me. I always have it on when I’m sitting at my desk or if we want a dim light in our living room when we’re having family time together.

The ones that emit heat are the best ones to purchase because it is said that you will receive the most benefit from them.

There are some salt lamps out there that are more “imitation,” or for looks, and that don’t actually warm up to the touch. While these will still improve your overall space, I would recommend one that emits heat if you are looking for any tangible medical benefits.

This Himalayan salt lamp is the one I recommend.


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