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Supporting Someone That’s Coping With An Eating Disorder

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Supporting Someone That's Coping With An Eating Disorder

When someone you love or someone that’s in your life, is suffering from an eating disorder, it can be heartbreaking. You want to do everything you possibly can do to help. However, when it’s something you’ve not experienced yourself, how can you support them?

Seek Professional Help

The first thing to offer them is professional help. This gives your friend or relative, the best chance at getting better but they might not want it or refuse it at first. It’s a difficult subject to broach but one that should be done often. You might catch them in a moment where they are ready to ask for help but just can’t do it themselves.

Remain by their side throughout and offer to go along with them to any appointments or sessions at anorexia nervosa treatment centers, that they may come as a result of their initial diagnosis.

Always Try To Include Them

Along with other mental illnesses, it can be difficult to understand what they’re going through but you should always try to include them in everything you’d normally do. Don’t let them assume that because they’ve got an eating disorder, you no longer involve them in your life. They may say no, or they may come along but choose not to fully join in on whatever activity or thing you’re doing. However, it’s nice to be asked and to feel appreciated, so never stop asking.

Help Them Find The Trigger

Eating disorders aren’t necessarily about the food or weight, but instead, it’s the emotional or stress-related triggers that make them eat or not eat. For many, it’s hard to find this trigger point on their own so if you’re able to, help guide them to what it might be. Talk through with them what they think leads them to this point and if it’s something you can help with, do your best to help them.

Lend Them Your Ear

Sometimes listening is the best way to handle a situation. When it comes to an eating disorder, just giving that person someone to talk to or giving comfort is a simple thing that may be exactly what they need. It’s tough when it’s something you don’t agree with, but you don’t have all the answers yourself. Listen and don’t interrupt until you feel they’ve got everything they want to say off their chest.

Know That It’s A Long Road

An eating disorder isn’t something that can just be cured. Victims to eating disorders can often fall off the path and end up a few steps back, but it’s important to know that they have someone there to help them get back on track. It’s a long road when it comes to eating disorders, and the best thing you can do is to be there for that person in times where they’ll need you the most. Don’t ignore it if you recognize it happening to someone you love.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of tips, but they can at least help you if you don’t have much of an idea about eating disorders and just want to help your loved one as best you can.

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Nicole Carman

My name is Nicole Carman and I’m a mental health advocate and writer who is diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, depression and anxiety. I'm the Founder of the Mental Health Awareness Project. I’m extremely passionate about raising awareness of mental health topics, including general mental health, mental wellness, and mental illnesses.

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