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5 Daily Things That You Can Do For Your Mental Health

Nicole Carman No Comments

When you think about taking care of yourself you can often just think about the our physical health. We know what to do if we have a cold or stomach flu to fight, and can seek help when we have a broken leg or just want to lose weight. But how much do we think about our mental health and the things that we can do to make sure that our mental health is fine too?

Like our physical health, our mental health will change from time to time. But what is as nourishing to our mental health as a salad is to our physical health? Here are some things to think about, that you can start doing each day to make sure that your mind is taken care of, as well as your body.

5 daily things that you can do to take care of your mental health


Studies are showing more and more just how much of an impact exercise has on our minds. It can have a positive impact on brain function, self-image, and as somewhere like will say, it can help with recovery from addictions too. Don’t be put off by the word exercise, though; it doesn’t have to be hours long or super intense. A quick twenty minutes each day could be all you need to give your mind a boost.

Be Social

Often ‘being social’ will include things like social media, but really, that can have some negative connotations for your mental health. Instead, make sure that you are meeting up with people and socializing with them on a regular basis. Invite people round, call someone up, or arrange a dinner; just being with people and talking can be great for your mind.

Get Outside

When you’re going through a bought of depression it can be hard to just get out of bed in the morning. But getting outside is something to do each day that can have a positive impact, even if it is the last thing that you feel like doing. Even just spending a small amount of time such as five minutes in nature can give you a good mood boost, and according to studies can even help your self-esteem.

Help Others

When you are thinking of other people and doing things to help them, then you are not thinking of yourself. So service or things like volunteering can be a great way to help your mind and take your thoughts off yourself for a little bit (which can be very welcomed from time to time). If you haven’t got time for hours of service or volunteering, then simply doing things like holding doors for people and giving compliments can give you a mood booster, according to this article: So make others feel good in order to help yourself feel good too.

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep, and good quality sleep at that, is a great way to boost your mood. You can just tell when some people have not slept enough can’t you? Eight hours is usually considered the norm, but it will be different for different people.

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Nicole Carman

My name is Nicole Carman and I’m a mental health advocate and writer who is diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, depression and anxiety. I'm the Founder of the Mental Health Awareness Project. I’m extremely passionate about raising awareness of mental health topics, including general mental health, mental wellness, and mental illnesses.

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About Me

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