My Top 5 Self-Care Ideas that Actually Work

You probably see lots of people talking about self-care on social media. Especially now that various advocacy groups like mine, the Mental Health Awareness Project, are raising more awareness of mental health and mental illnesses. But do any of their suggestions actually help you, or are they realistic? I truly…

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Myrtle Beach Condo Giveaway

  ENTER TO WIN AN OCEANFRONT CONDO or $50,000 CASH! Want to win an Oceanfront Condo and change your life? Vacation Myrtle Beach, one of the largest providers of family vacation accommodations in Myrtle Beach, SC, is pleased to announce the launch of The Great Myrtle Beach Condo Giveaway contest,…

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Simple Ways To Improve Well-being From The Comfort of Your Home

Everyday routines of working life and home responsibilities can have just about all of us feeling stressed at one time or another. As humans we’re incredibly capable and great at multitasking, keeping many plates spinning and ensuring we’re getting everything done- but we all have a breaking point. Maybe a…

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3 Routes Into Therapy You Might Find Useful

If you have been thinking for a long time that you would like to have some therapy, you are not alone. A lot of recent surveys suggest that many people out there are struggling in some profound ways, and even those who are not often feel that they would still…

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OV Pro Smart Headphones by OV Loop

I have had the pleasure of enjoying OV Pro Smart Headphones, thanks very much to OV Loop Brand, and I’m eager to share my opinion in a review. OV Pro Smart Headphones are premium headphones that can help make your life easier and help you get business done faster. These…

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